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XC90 Launch

When the Volvo XC90 was introduced, it ushered in a new age of Volvo design. While at Grey I was lucky enough to help launch the First Edition, limited to 1,927 individually-numbered units (the year of Volvo's founding). Our massive digital effort (Websites, banners, experiential ideas etc.) helped find owners for all of them in just 47 hours after going on sale.


Intellisafe is the name that Volvo uses for the combination of active safety features found in their automobiles. These systems work with the passive safety systems designed into the car to make Volvo’s cars extremely safe for drivers but also for pedestrians, cyclists and even wildlife. As part of their Volvo’s Vision 2020 initiative, the plan was to keep updating the car so that by the year 2020, and beyond, nobody will be severely injured or killed while in a new Volvo.

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